The Cosmosys Collective (since November 17, 2009) is a creative international community focused around different forms of art, both digital and traditional. Cosmosys aims to unite different types of artists into one collaborative community, and exhibit artwork in an inspired environment.

First and foremost, we are a democratic community. We want to get everyone involved in the making of art, but also in helping each other realizing it. The exhibitions are composed by everyone in the group, made possible by a stimulating constructive attitude. We are a community, for each other, but also for others. We hope to stimulate, help, surprise and influence everyone who cares to follow us.

Every once in a while we show our collective effort by showcasing an exhibition. These exhibitions are mostly theme based, and get decided upon by the whole group. Our artists work hard during these months, interpreting the theme in their own styles and views. At the end we want the public to enjoy these unique inspiring exhibitions. Would you like to become one of us? Apply now and join us!

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