“Orite blud, dis iz ow it went down. One mufa fuka cunt’re din like anova mufa fucka cunt’re n fort all da time, juz ittle fings at first. Like da colour ov a flag, arra arrmaaa……gunz going across hoods. Nuttin bad bro. But it turnz out der first cunt’re was in cahoots wiv du second and dis 3rd cunt’re got all pissy bout it, n threes a crowd you know. So it got to deh point wearz ones sed to tother ‘y’startin mate, you fuckin startin’. N’ the big ass cunt’re sed ‘Init, I iz gonna deck you’ So dey sent off nukes and now mufa fuckas like me av tu make explosives in me crews garage to fight da muva fucking mutants.”

-Translation from Chav-
‘Hello, I don’t know the whole story but this is what I gathered. One country didn’t like another countries effort to supply one. So they fought on legislation, economic development , a simple arms race and the need to develop nuclear power. It was the usual power struggle. It was all a rouse to displace the power of another. Wires were crossed and one drunken diplomat gave the order to send off nuke after a trigger malfunction . Now I spend my days strapping explosives to arrows.